COVID-19 Updates

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all R friends has continued to provide a fun/educational experience for individuals in attendance, without interruption, throughout 2020.   Because of the 10 person limitation restrictions we have provided services for our participants at home as well via Zoom sessions since April!  We can proudly say we have not had any cases of Covid-19 among our staff or individuals and are going above and beyond the guidelines set forth by Governor DeWine, DODD, the CDC, and the ODH.  We actively work every day to train our participants how to live their everyday lives so as to avoid catching the virus.If you are interested in joining us in person when the social distancing order limit of 10 people or less is lifted, which we think will be soon, please contact


all R friends is providing virtual services per guidance from DODD. We are offering this service for 5 hours from 9:30am-2:30pm Monday through Friday. All individuals are welcome to attend the sessions for as long as they would like. We plan on providing these virtual services Monday through Friday every week until the 10 person or less restriction is lifted by Governor DeWine. At that point we will resume full services at each of our day programs.

Our virtual services follow along with our regular day support services at each of our locations as each of our different locations is actively participating in these services with their friends at home. We rotate activities every 30 minutes and our different day program locations take turns leading each 30 minute activity. We are able to call on the individuals at home frequently and they can respond on their videos with questions and comments and show us their work. Individuals are encouraged to socialize and engage with their friends during lunch as well.

We work on a variety of skills and activities throughout these virtual sessions including but not limited to: social integration, physical activity, computer skills, reading and writing skills, math and money skills, job skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, communication skills, cleaning skills, and safety skills. The outcomes and action steps that are currently listed in each individual’s ISP for all R friends remains the same and will not change as we will continue working towards meeting each individual’s goals. We are also exploring virtual tours of outings to continue providing community integration as well.

To read some testimonials on our virtual services, visit our testimonial page.

If you are interesting in joining us virtually please contact Ryan Cook at


Our sites will remain open and continue to abide by the guidelines set forth by Governor DeWine, DODD, the CDC, and the ODH, while providing a fun/educational environment for those individuals in attendance.

If this legislation is approved, you should expect to see an update. I would also encourage all of our families and home staff who have individuals continuing to receive services from all R friends to start thinking about back up plans just in case.

Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding. We are doing our best to keep up with the ongoing changes being passed down from Governor DeWine, DODD, ODH, CDC, and the federal government.

Stay well!

Ryan Cook
Executive Director