We measure our success in smiles!


“This report (ISP) made me cry in good tears!!! I am so proud of him for the vast improvements he has made! The All R Friends staff have made such an impact on his lifetime is truly amazing! Can you please let all the staff know that I appreciate each and everyone one of them and all the hard work they have put into getting Brandon where he is today!!!” – Parent
“So happy Maddie is adjusting well and is finding ways to help her overcome her anxiety’s! Thanks so much for working with her ! She sure enjoys getting up every morning and coming to all r friends and comes home happy!! Words can’t even express how great full we are!” – Parent
“Dominique made a visit to all R friends a few weeks ago and couldn’t get over how great the program was. She said it was very organized and everyone knew the rules. She said no wonder Jenna and I love the program.” – Parent
“You guys don’t always hear this, but I’ve talked to several parents recently who have stated how thankful they are for All R Friends. You would be surprised to hear which participants rave about this place when they get home and are excited every day to come back.”-aRf Director in an email to his staff
“All the glory to God! Thank you Dottie and to all the staff for your never ending love, patience and understanding for our sweet teddy bear “
“It is going great! Pat and I have had numerous conversations around what he likes about the program. It is hard for him to convey but I think it gives him a sense of purpose/reason to get up in the am….and he enjoys getting out and being social with others! I am so pleased with his motivation to get up early enough to take Ella for a walk before he eats breakfast and gets ready to leave for the program. He speaks highly of the staff and their patience with other clients who maybe get frustrated etc…I love to hear that as I imagine some of the clients would not be able to advocate for themselves.”
“We know how much Ry loves it there because when we talk with him over the weekend about his week and ARF he gets a big smile on his face. We are so thankful for everyone of you.”
“He loves AllRFriends!! I am so glad to hear about all of his progress, especially recovering quickly after he gets upset about something! Please tell everyone thank you”
“I just talked to Ryan’s mom on the phone and she told me she is super happy with All R Friends. She said he is coming home and saying new and mature things such as “let me think about that” that he has picked up on there. She also said after being out sick for a few days he said “I am done being sick, and I need to get back to my Crew”. I love that! Just wanted to share.”
“I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how appreciative we are that T has been able to get back into the program. It has made such a difference in his behavior and mood. He has been out sick this week and has voiced several times that he misses his friends. You have a wonderful program and fabulous staff!! Thank you from the top of my heart:)”
“It’s an amazing, extremely professional family run business with services for folks with special needs. They are out in the Community all the time. Fantastic staff, and very creative activities. My D is full of joy every day when he comes home from All R Friends!”
Your words always put a smile on his face. It thrills me that he is so welcome at all R friends. I would love for him to attend more, you are right, his work schedule has become more demanding.
He works on the average 25 hours per week, over 5 days. He loves his job and interacting with co-workers. He is a working man, and I am proud to say, supporting most of his bills on his own. I recall that it is all R friends environment that has given him the confidence and ability to interact positively with his coworkers. For that I am so grateful to you all at aRf. You all have helped Andrew achieve the ability to become a contributing member of society. Thank you all for making my dream for his future become a reality. Andrew looks forward to his continued visits to aRf, although short. He enjoys aRf and all of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Susan
“I went to see Russell this morning at All R Friends. He was doing so great! It was awesome to see him so relaxed and happy with his group. He seems to be fitting in just great, and was sitting with a friend that seemed like they have really gotten to know each other well. Russell was very talkative and happy. I will say in the almost 7 years I have worked with him I’ve never seen him talk back and forth in a meaningful conversation back and forth like he was doing with me, but especially with his leader… It was amazing. I feel like his staff already know him better after a few months then his instructors at his previous day program knew him after years and years. It also looked like he had lost weight and I’m wondering if it’s because he is being encouraged to get up and move more (not get pushed around in the wheelchair all day). Anyways, I’m so pleased at how well he is doing, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!…Russell really has great quality of life now. He loves All R Friends, and I only wish I had sent him there sooner. He loves everyone there, and he is so happy all the time. He used to be like this, and it’s so good to see that joy return to his life. “ Carrie (SC)
“Tom and I are both so happy to know Jeffrey is among people whose nature is so caring! He comes home every day with such a good attitude and he is always excited about going in the morning. This speaks volumes to us. Again, we thank you.” Beth and Tom H.
“The quality of Chris’s life has truly improved since joining the program. And walking into the Delaware facility is such a positive experience! all R friends has been a blessing to our family!” Desiree L. (mom)
“I am Vicki’s sister, Diana. I am so pleased at the lift I hear in her voice now when I talk to her on the phone. Thank you for all you are doing to make her days great. Good job and way to go!”
“I highly commend the way in which you and your staff handled this situation and it has really confirmed my confidence with all R friends. Again thank you for being diligent in taking Jennifer’s safety so seriously, it truly speaks volumes to me.” Sherry B. (mom)
“Max rushes out every morning to get on the van, he comes home totally enthused about the great things he did that day. He’s having a great life and you folks are a big part of that. Much thanks!” Sue H. (mom)
“Just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts, every day. Louisa is very happy and excited to share what she has done each day. I appreciate you making every day count!” Dona J. (mom)
“I just wanted to say THANKS AGAIN!!… don’t say it enough… but the difference in Zach when he attends is night and day!! He is Mr Talkative, upbeat and smiling! His mood is always improved when he attends” Mrs. G. (mom)
“I wanted to let you know how truly miraculous your program has been for Michael! He is so excited and happy to go each morning. We have seen so much progress and he is trying to talk!” Mrs. K. (mom)
“A while back, Courtney came home and told us she had a new goal at aRf of preparing her own lunch. She has been doing a great job ever since! Many times she prepares her own lunch the night before. She gets help when needed, but for the most part, she does it all by herself!” – Mr. P (dad)
“I just wanted to write and thank you for all you have done for Clyde. Most of the time he seems happier with life and I attibute most of that to your organization. Thank you!” Gerry W. (mom)
“I am amazed at all you do with the young adults. We are so impressed and pleased with how happy and active Katie is at your program.” Mrs. K. (mom)
“The communication between staff and parents is wonderful! We are very pleased with the creative activities you have designed for the participants. Thank you for everything you do for the participants!” Mr. & Mrs. M (parents)
“All the staff can be congratulated for all you do. I am amazed at everything being done. Keep up the good work and THANKS!” Mrs. L. (mom)
“Thanks for watching out for our son. He loves it there with all of you, thanks for making it such an enjoyable experience!” Mr. & Mrs. S (parents)
“Again, best staff ever!” Mrs. K (Mom)
“It’s so good to see Jessica in a good mood and talking more. Thank you all for your dedication and love for Jessica!” Mrs. B. (mom)
“To ALL of you who have given support and guidance not just to April and her family but all those with disabilities, we are blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for offering days filled with many activities and the work you do in order to assure that our sons and daughters have opportunities to be productive” C.S. (mom)
“Thanks so much for all you do!!!” Brenda O. (sister)
“My son loves being with all his friends which says a lot for all of you. Thanks so much for all you do” Ms. M. (mom)
“Having experienced a program prior to all R friends gives us a much greater appreciation for the genuine caring of your staff and the quality of your program. The feeling of confidence in that caring is a great stress relief. We are more comfortable in our day not having to worry about when the next phone call is coming. Bill just loves it there!” Mr. & Mrs. J. (parents)
“I thank all of you for making Andrew’s day so enjoyable and safe!” – Mrs. S. (mom)
“all R friends is doing outstanding, over the top, excellent work. We searched many places and all R friends is the best!” Ms. M. (mom)
“I love, love, love the Mother’s Day painting Ty made at aRf. I appreciate you and your staff so much! Have a Happy Mother’s Day” Mrs. J. (parents)