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Ralph Joseph George (“Ralphie”), the younger and only brother of Kathy Cook, endured multiple disabilities and many challenges during his short life, including multiple kidney transplants, greatly impaired vision and very limited mobility.

Despite all this, he was always a good friend to everyone he knew! He had a big heart, lived life to the fullest, and touched many people with his love.

all R friends is lovingly dedicated to both the memory of Ralphie, and to everyone challenged by living with one or more disabilities.

To us, you are all Ralphie’s friends.

Last gift to Kathy

The all R friends symbol is an exact replica of a picture that Ralphie made for Kathy shortly before he passed away.

It was his last gift to her.

If you look closely, you’ll see each of the letters in “A L L R F R I E N D S”!