Covid Testimonials

“Megan being back at All r friends is a BIG blessing. I am very pleased as usual of what all the staff does to keep Megan active physically, metally,socially and in a healthy environment. She is so much better for me at home.” -Jennifer
“We are very satisfied with ARF services and feel under these circumstances, things are going great. Aaron comes home daily all smiles, in an awesome mood, and often tired which is our indicators that things are going well. Kuddos to the team for their creativity….we have noticed the program flexibility and adaptation to the current status of COVID -19 and the world we are living in. Communication home has remained excellent through the daily notes. ARF continues to be a real blessing for Aaron and our family.” -Beth and Steve
“Things are going very well. The vans are right on time, they are keeping them very busy and doing different activities. Jason has been extremely happy and calm with it all. Dottie and Reed are excellent as well as Mackenzie and Edie on our team. Bob says it’s the best it has ever been as they are doing more and they know completely how to handle Jason (as well as the rest of the gang). We have had zero problems (knock on wood) but I feel it’s how the staff handles him and who is working with him.” -Linda
“Brandon is so happy being back at all R friends! He is doing especially well since he is back in a group with familiar people! He recognizes everyone even with their masks, so that is great! We are so grateful for this program Ryan! Sending him back was the best decision for Brandon…thank for what your doing!” -Dena
“We have been very happy with the way All R Friends has been handling everything and we are grateful that Raven has a place to go and be with friends!!!! She has been very happy there. Thank you so much for all your staff does!!!” -Mom
“The program is the best part of Carl’s week. It’s about the only thing keeping him content and happy. Everything is a little crazy for folks and just the having his normal place to go has helped tremendously. Thank you and the team for all you do. Having Carl be there is one of the best decisions we’ve made for him.” -Erin
“If she could move her bed to All R Friends she would be happy as a pig in a mud hole! She doesn’t care for wearing masks and elbow bumps just don’t satisfy her, lol But she gets it and shes looking forward yo the day when she can hug again.” -Jana
“I really need to think of new superlatives for your program as I know I sound like a recording. It was like the true happy switch was turned on in Michael when he returned to AllRFriends last week. He wasn’t unhappy at home but he wasn’t himself. He was so happy after the first day and I assured him all that evening that he could return the next day. Dottie and all the Dublin staff have been phenomenal. He is back to riding the van and is very happy to see it pull up. I now know many of the participants from the virtual sessions and they too are so much happier. I have so much respect and admiration for your organization as you have navigated through the challenges of the pandemic. Thank you for everything and thank you for caring for each and every one of the participants.” -Sandy
“Kelle is so glad to be back to ARF! She looks forward to going every day! She doesn’t like wearing a mask but it doesn’t deter her from wanting to attend. She is enjoying the outings and happy to be with her peers.” -Tina
“We are very happy with All R Friends. We live the creative approach to getting the “clients” out in field trips yet keeping them safe and socially distant. Katie is always happy to go every morning.” -Amy
“We have been very pleased with All R Friends and it sure seems like Matt is enjoying it as well! Dottie has been great – very responsive and wonderful communications overall. Not sure what else to say – we’re very happy!” -Glen
“Manny really loves ARF! He always wants to go and even seems a little sad when he realizes it’s the weekend. This makes us so happy. I’ve also been so impressed with how all the changes have been handled and he still loves it. Communication is great and if I’ve had any questions they have been answered quickly. I really can’t say enough about how pleased we are with our experience.” -Pam
“Sheleah is really happy to be back to ARF. She likes routine and likes being with her friends. Kirt said he could tell at work (she goes there right after ARF), that he could tell when she went back as she was in such a good mood.” -Karen
“We are very thankful that Kade was able to continue coming to your program even though a lot of programs shut down starting in March. He really enjoys going to the program and would have been very unhappy if he had to sit at home every day. We are glad that he seems to have adjusted well from switching from his school to the day program.” – Joe and Gretchen
“She is doing really well with camp every day when I talk to her she always says she had a good day So you are all doing a great job you have Definitely made things good for my daughter and I thank you for that.” -Deb
“As always Eric is LOVING being back! I hope all has been a positive transition that you’ve seen from him and his peers. You always do such an amazing job of keeping your “students” engaged and having fun! Thank you so much for all you do!” -Daphne
“She still enjoying being with her friends but she misses the ones not there and she said she can’t wait till this is over to be able to do normal things. Keep doing what your doing. You guys are the best.” -Jeanie
“Thanks for checking in. I think things are going well for Emmy. She is happy to see the bus in the morning and always smiling in the afternoon when she gets off of the bus.” -Melissa
“Kevin is always so excited to go arf and says it was a good day when he gets home. If Kevin is happy I am happy.” -Kathy
“All I can say is that we are very blessed that Jordan has been able to continue attending ARF during these difficult times. ” -Mary
“Oh Gosh where to start?! Gus loves All R Friends….we would be lost without you! I know Gus is aware that he can’t see everyone and move about the school like before. He also misses the field trips, but I have explained to him how you need to slowly get back to normal because of the flu ( Covid). The staff has been great adapting to all the extra involved with Covid as well.” -Candace
“Jeremy is very happy to be back at all R friends. He loves your program!” – Debbie
“Things are going great. I love that your staff has come up with ideas away from home base for the groups to do. ” -Kathleen
“He is happy to go to All R Friends and he is happy when he comes home. I would say he is enjoying it and that it is quite worthwhile for his development. All R Friends serious approach to assuring the safety of all of your friends is also comforting to us.” -Ron
“I think the world of the staff and gabby has never been happier. Trust me if I had any complaints u would know lol. I appreciate u and all u do. ” -Lisa