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Homemaker personal care aide

Homemaker personal care aide

General description.
Working hours vary. Top industry rates. Responsibilities include responsibility for the care of younger adults with disabilities. Helping them to achieve independent living, assisting with personal care, feeding and driving them to various places for outings, and completing required state and county paperwork and documentation throughout the week.

* A minimum of 6 months experience working with adults with disabilities
* Good communication skills, including the ability to speak and write clearly in English
* Highly compassionate and caring
* The ability to see potential in adults with disabilities

* At least 1 year of experience working with multiple adults with disabilities
* Good natured individuals who are able to leave personal problems out of the workplace
* Individuals who enjoy life and can make any ordinary situation FUN!

Benefits (full time workers):
* Health Coverage
* Paid time off
* Extraordinary holiday pay
* Flexible Spending accounts
* Life insurance
* Short term disability
* Long term disability
* Employee Assistance Program

If interested please send your resume to Careers@allRfriends.com or call 614-357-1414 for more information!