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Dogs R Friends!

Dogs R Friends! (Canine products)

If you would like to stop by and see all the items all R friends have hand-made for mans best friends, please stop by the aRf Gift Shop:

If you would like to order an item over the phone, simply give us a call at 614.357.1414 ext 123.

aRf Treat Jar use side arrows to navigate Pamper your pup with a hand-painted treat jar!
Each jar has a simple, classic design of polka dots and doggie bones.
Enjoy a free sample of homemade aRf treats with each treat jar purchase!
Spot clean with a slightly damp cloth. $10.50
Available in Black, Red, Pink, Teal, or Blue (design is white)

aRf Treats! use side arrows to navigate Is your pup being stubborn when it comes to obeying your commands or learning new tricks? Reward your pup’s good behavior with a deliciously crunchy aRf treat!
Pups will do anything for an aRf treat!
$2.50 (1 dozen)

Doggie pull toy use side arrows to navigate When it’s time to play with your furry friend, this toy is great for fetching or playing tug-o-war with! Made for long-lasting hours of fun!
$2.00 ea.