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To Whom It May Concern–

Our son Jacob has attended all R friends in Dublin since May of 2012. As we were searching for a good program for his post-high school days, we visited several different facilities. We sometimes felt
like Goldilocks searching for the program that would be “just right.” And as soon as we toured aRf, we knew that we had found the perfect fit!Testimonial picture

Jacob absolutely loves this program. He’s genuinely excited to get into the van each morning, and he comes home thrilled about whatever was going on that day. Our son is a challenging mix of special needs, and the varied experiences offered at aRf meet all of these needs. Jacob can read, so he loves the library outings. He loves to eat, so the restaurant outings are always a favorite. He loves doing jigsaw puzzles, so he always chooses to take one in for “participant choice” time.

In addition to supporting his strengths, the staff at aRf also encourage his personal growth. Jacob has learned to heat up his own lunch, and he enjoys all the new physical activities. I’m not sure what his favorite “sport” is, but he really gets excited on cornhole and parachute ball days.

Since Jacob is essentially non-verbal, we especially appreciate the time that the staff takes to jot a daily note to us. This allows us to talk with Jacob about his day. We also love the fact that the
staff takes time to mail encouraging notes to Jacob. After all, who doesn’t love getting fun news in the mail?

The staff at the Dublin aRf is kind, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about how to meet our son’s needs. We are so pleased that Jacob is one of the friends at all R friends!

Becky and Mike B.
(last name suppressed for HIPAA reasons)